Creating with Light

Kansas City Icons

I am not typically the biggest proponent of Black and White imagery, I find color far more interesting for the depths of the colors you can express.  That being said, I do believe black and white is a great way to study, and understand how color affects your images. I took one of the Bartle Hall Convention Center in Black and White and am happy with the results. The other shots are from the Western Auto building in the Crossroads district. I waited nearly a half-hour for the clouds and lighting to be where my vision of the shot to line up correctly.


One response

  1. alex

    Personally I prefer Black and White…I love the sharp contrast and the emotion it provokes within me. I’m not a big fan of color typically.
    But your work always captures an intense level of honesty. Especially that Western Auto on the bottom left. love.

    June 2, 2009 at 9:47 AM

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