Creating with Light

Boulevard Brewing Company

Last week I met with a gallery owner to discuss how to push myself and make the most out of everything that I shoot. What came out of it was a discussion about strengths and weaknesses. He shared a little anecdote about artists saying, “Think about someone like Monet, and tell me what the first style that comes to mind.” Monet is most known for his landscapes, this isn’t to say that he never did anything else, just that this is where his strength was. I have been told by plenty of people that you should just stick to your strengths, but this simple phrase put it all in perspective for me, and so I will be focusing a lot more on Landscapes and Architecture.

Recently I was approached by someone to take photos of one of the local breweries in Kansas City. Its a little place on Southwest Boulevard (aka the “Boulevard”) just off I-35, that started small just serving a local market, but has grown to a national market. The most famous beer the produce is an unfiltered wheat beer that is typically served with either a lemon or orange slice. They have plenty of other good beer, but they are just known more for the Boulevard Wheat. I took this series of images about twenty minutes after sunset, and got that beautiful twilight blue sky. If you are in Kansas City or ever come through they have tours, and I would recommend seeing the space designed by the local 360 Architects.



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