Creating with Light

Vegas Strip

The name itself conjures images of moral ambiguity, and aside from tempting fate on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, this is the one place where the party literally never ends. There is always someone there to pick up where you left off, and continue the ravenous spirit that dwells at the heart of Vegas. We all fly in with the hopes and dreams we have been spoon fed by clever marketing and silver screen heroes, not wanting to take the town for all it’s worth, but just a little slice….you know enough to pay those extra bills, or maybe the mortgage for a couple of months. That hope is more often than not dashed when in one second the dealer lays down the cards, and before you have time to gasp your chips are snatched from under nose, and yet somehow we convince ourselves the prospect of hitting it big is far more intriguing than the dwindling numbers in our savings account. Vegas is like something of an Adult themed Disneyland. They have anything you could ever imagine at the bar(and they even serve it in economy sized containers), there are those standing on the corners handing you cards of those who would satisfy your every desire….discreetly I’m sure, and just like in monopoly, they make you believe you are playing with fake money by trading you the real stuff for a bright-colored chip.

One thing is certain though, Vegas will continue to evolve, and it will all be money driven. The newest breed of casino has recently landed on the strip in the form of City Center. This starchiect designed commune of Hotels, Casinos, pubs, nightclubs, and retail stores has all the glitz and glamour needed to be placed on Las Vegas Blvd, but it also has brought a new sense of environment. There are scents pumped through the air systems not only to mask the smell of stale cigarette smoke, but I would imagine some aromatherapist derived a scent to give you a sense of calm while blowing through wads of cash. It has updated the look of the casinos to fit into the modernist world. Take it how you may, but I for one am glad to see high-end architecture rising above the boulevard in lieu of their predecessors where the most detailed design laid within the neon lighting.


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