Creating with Light


Just the name evokes a bone rattling shiver in your soul, and during the months that seem to defined by darkness rather than light, there are a few fleeting moments that draw warmth back into your being. While I grew up in Colorado, I did not gain my interest for photography until after I had moved away. There is a certain softness to the snow that falls in Colorado that I have yet to experience anywhere else. The flakes act as if gravity has no grasp on them, and the silence in which they dance across the subtle breeze can shut out all other noise. Every step is announced with a crunch and a squeak across this chilling blanket. I have been waiting for the right moment to capture successfully, the lightness and beauty left behind after just such a silent storm. The images below are just a footnote to a much larger story, and the hope is that through them you may derive a piece of what it is to experience a Colorado snowstorm.

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