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John Deere

Over the weekend I was poking around in some of the archives and played around with some photos taken out at Powell Gardens in Missouri. There was an old, beat up, and rust eaten tractor just sitting in the middle of a field. I tried to give it the antiquated and timeless look for something that will probably ride out its days soaking up the sun and the rain. I know I had some fun with these. Let me know what you think.

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IR Shots

This past weekend I recieved an infrared filter for my birthday, and this is the first shot I took with it. This particular exposure was a 600 second exposure. I am sure there will be more to follow soon. Enjoy!InfraRed Landscape

Downtown KC

 I just recently moved into the downtown area with my girlfriend, and since I have been here the weather has been flaky at best. There is a long hallway in the entry that needs some new artwork, so this past weekend I went out with the intention of capturing some abstract architectural details that are distinctly Kansas City. It is great to see the downtown so alive at the moment, and it keeps growing everyday. The few pictures I have included in this post show the contrast between some of the historical buildings, contemporary buildings and future builidings.