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Happily Ever After

This past weekend, as I posted before, was spent in South Carolina. The purpose of the trip was to go to a wedding for Katy’s cousin Kristin. While the weather outside was a little on the warm side, the site for the event was fantastic. When you conjure an image of what your ideal outdoor wedding should look like, I would guess that a lot of you would probably come up with a place that looks exactly like this. Nestled into a small corner of land that is perched above a seemingly uninhabited lake, and a perfectly groomed private golf course, this is a beautiful place. Kristin, as brides often are, was glowing with happiness and it was the kind of happiness that radiated out to everyone in attendance. She of course looked absolutely beautiful in her white, and Corey with his Khaki colored tuxedo was no scrub either. The ceremony was as beautiful as the location, and I had a great time trying to capture the moments that the two of them will look back and be able to relive vicarously through the images telling their story. I think that I had the most fun learning what I am capable of doing while shooting  on the fly like this and I would recommend that everyone try an event like this to hone the skills you have into split second decisions. I am gracious to Corey and Kristin for allowing me to be a part of their sacred event, and wish them a happily ever after. 


South Carolina



This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to South Carolina for a wedding. Katy’s grandparents own a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains that sits in a heavily wooded area just up from the shore of a lake. The weather was scorching hot and the humidity was almost unbearable, but the scenery was beautiful. I will probably have a few posts from this adventure, but for now I have included a few of my favorite shots.


Blue MountainsDock 1Blue Sunrise