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West Bottoms Round 2

For those of you who have not heard, I will be putting my art up on the walls of Cellar Rat for the month of October. During this time you will be able to purchase anything that is on display or in my look book. That being said, I have made a list of places I want to shoot over the next month or so to maybe fill in the gaps and add a little more diversity to my portfolio. I spent a few hours last night wandering around the construction ridden district of the west bottoms. It was a gorgeous night as the clouds that covered the city all day dissapated and allowed the soft warm glow of the sunset wash the buildings that rest just below Downtown Kansas City. Here are some of the new shots!

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West Bottoms

Just below the busy streets of downtown Kansas City on the Western edge sits a district that was probably, at one time, a very active industrial powerhouse. That has since faded and now for the most part appears to be abandoned. There are a few restaurants, bars, shops, and loft style residences that dot the  brick and mortar shells, and what were once windows are now replaced by the stains covering warped and weatherbeaten plywood. This is and will remain one of my favorite places to go shoot on any given day. The sodium halide lighting washes the aged facades which provide a great aesthetic complement to the rich blues provided by the civil twilight. Here are a few of my favorites.