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J.C. Nichols Memeorial Fountain (Country Club Plaza)

Known by all who live in Kansas City, the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain sits on the east edge of the Country Club Plaza. This is probably the most photographed fountain in Kansas City, and up to this point I hadn’t really given it due respect. The fountain is adorned with sculptures that actually were perched on the crest of a home in Long Island, NY long┬ábefore making the journey to Kansas City in the 1960’s. The four horses supposedly represent four rivers spread across this Earth: the Mississippi, the Seine (France – Paris), the Volga (Russia), and the Rhine (Europe). I hope these pictures help show the character this fountain brings to the Plaza.

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Christmas in KC

So it may be a little behind schedule, but it was the hollidays, so I get a break right? In Kansas City there are lights strung up all around the city, but there are two places that seem to have a famed reputation around this time of year. The first being the Plaza, on which every shop and restaurant have lights displayed, and every year a famous guest is invited to light the plaza on Thanksgiving. The lights will stay on into the first weekend of January.

The Second place is Crown Plaza near downtown. The whole plaza is lit with white christmas lights, and trimmed with red ornaments. During the winter season there is an outdoor skating rink in this plaza, making this a great destination this time of year.

Country Club Plaza

It’s been a while since I last updated this site, but I have been pretty busy with work, wedding, and whatever else is thrown my way. That being said I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like to. This is a set that includes some big icons of the country club plaza shopping district in Kansas City, MO. The leaves were dancing with the wind and scratching a beat on the brick pavers and with all of the color falling off the trees it made for a fun shoot. There was a group of ladies watching as I knelt by the gutter to take the picture, and they were trying to figure out what was so interesting, and one even said “…maybe he’s trying to catch the leaves as they spin up.” I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Cold GutterLeaves1

This is the eastern side of the country club plaza, with one of the most recognized towers in on the plaza. It has been gorgeous out the past few days in Kansas City, so I took that opportunity to shoot the sunset and twilight with some car trails(my favorite).

Plaza Corner 1Plaza Corner_Sunset