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Springtime Weather

Spring in the mid-west is always an exciting time because you are coming out of what always seems like the “harshest winter.” I love that there are a few weeks where it never gets cold enough to need a jacket, and it never seems to get hot enough to turn the air on. There is another kind of excitement that comes with the changing of the seasons, and that is thunderstorms. I have been in the mid-west for a little less than 10 years, and I am still in awe of the raw power that mother nature expresses through her thunderstorms in this area of the country. Wind driven rain continuously pounds on your windows in unrelenting sheets, its path it always lit by the powerful fingers of electric light reaching from horizon to horizon, and it always annouces its arrival with a heavy roar that can be heard for miles. Just like a theater performance on a giant stage, every storm has its own unique signature, but it is always an entertaining performance. This just so happens to be the latest installment in a neverending tour. ENJOY!

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Such a simple concept. Water vapor is condensed and a cold air mass is trapped below a warm air mass. The science of it is clear cut and absolute, yet there is a mysterious character that lurks within these condensed water particles. Places that we have come to know so well become surreal, shrouded by a deafening quiet that blankets all surroundings. Some see mystery as a dark and ominous force from which you may contrive fear, but it can also¬†create a very poweful euphoric sensation. It’s the thought that not all mystery has to have a dark side, but some have a way of moving you to explore, and leave no stone unturned. I feel like that was driving me this particular morning to find every nook and cranny that could have something to show of itself in the new light. I hope these images help to tie back to this story as I feel they spoke to me.

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