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Rocky Mountain National Park – Sprague Lake

My wife and I just recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary by taking a trip out to Colorado and visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. I know that everyone has seen photographs of the Rocky Mountains, and that most of the time they are impressive on any camera. What I set out to do with this trip was to capture the raw emotion and power that can be evoked by witnessing these fleeting moments. After doing my research I found out that most images of the mountains in this particular National Park, are best captured in the morning hours. During the next few days I will be sharing multiple series of these photographs based on the location at which I shot them. Todays post is on Sprague Lake. As with most lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, this lake has the ability to give amazing reflection shots, but you have to catch the wind while its away. I was lucky enough to get a calm morning for one of the two days we shot here. Enjoy looking at Sprague Lake through my lens.


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Garden of the Gods

Over the holliday break I went to Colorado to visit family and friends, but while I was there I got to wander around the familiar grounds of Garden of the Gods. For those not familiar with it, Garden of the Gods lies at the toes of the foothills leading up to Colorado’s most famous peak (Pikes Peak). The attraction being the gorgeous red sandstone rock that has been heaved out of the ground and left to the mercy of the elements for thousands of years. If you are ever in Colorado Springs, I would recommend you take a few hours and hike around these ancient rocks, after all it is free!