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J.C. Nichols Memeorial Fountain (Country Club Plaza)

Known by all who live in Kansas City, the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain sits on the east edge of the Country Club Plaza. This is probably the most photographed fountain in Kansas City, and up to this point I hadn’t really given it due respect. The fountain is adorned with sculptures that actually were perched on the crest of a home in Long Island, NY long┬ábefore making the journey to Kansas City in the 1960’s. The four horses supposedly represent four rivers spread across this Earth: the Mississippi, the Seine (France – Paris), the Volga (Russia), and the Rhine (Europe). I hope these pictures help show the character this fountain brings to the Plaza.

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A Preview (of things to come)

I recently purchased some new filters to expand the realm of possibility with my camera. I have been so excited to go out and try them, but the light outside has not been favorable for the shot in my mind. Sooooo in the meantime, I have been forced to try it out on other things… I could leave new toys alone. Here are a couple of shots with them! (I can’t wait to see what Yosemite looks like through these.)